There are three different species of robins that I have photographed in Woodlands Historic Park, here are some of my favourite photographs of them.

Scarlet Robin 2012-04-01 (_MG_5514)
Scarlet Robin male (Petroica boodang) in song

Scarlet Robin 2012-05-06 (_MG_7484)
Scarlet Robin male (Petroica boodang)

Scarlet Robin female 2012-05-01 (_MG_7180)
Scarlet Robin female (Petroica boodang)

Red-capped Robin 2012-04-09 (_MG_6466)
Red-capped Robin male (Petroica goodenovii)

Red-capped Robin female 2012-04-03 (_MG_5623)
Red-capped Robin female (Petroica goodenovii)

Flame Robin male 2012-05-01 (_MG_7215)
Flame Robin male (Petroica phoenicea)

Juvenile Flame Robin 2012-04-09 (_MG_6472)
Juvenile Flame Robin (Petroica phoenicea)


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