Superb Fairy-wrens

These beautiful little birds are Superb Fairy-wrens (Malurus cyaneus). They are plentiful in Woodlands Historic Park (where all the below photographs were taken). Due to their small size, and fairly skittish behaviour, they can be difficult to photograph. Fortunately sometimes they sit still for a few seconds.

Superb Fairy-wren 2012-04-25 (_MG_6781)

Perched atop a thorny branch

Superb Fairy-wren 2012-05-04 (_MG_7286)
This is a male in non-breeding plumage

Superb Fairy-wren 2012-05-06 (_MG_7545)
A male with the bright blue breeding plumage

Superb Fairy-wren, 2012-01-30 (_MG_1877)
Another breeding male

Superb Fairy-wren 2012-04-13 (_MG_6678)
The females are distinguishable by the brown around their eyes

Superb Fairy-wren female 2012-05-03 (_MG_7268)

Another cute little female


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