Still going …

July 6, 2012

Like this 50+ year old Caterpillar motor grader, I’m feeling a little worse for wear. It’s been a very stressful week with mum staying with us and my dad back in hospital with another tumor.

But, also like this wonderful 50+ year old bit of yellow iron, we’ll keep on going, because it is the only choice really.

1960 Caterpillar 12E Grader 2012-07-05 (_MG_0635_6_7)

Please click for a larger view!


Progress …

June 30, 2012

It’s Saturday and I didn’t weigh myself and record it in my spreadsheet. I didn’t do it last week either.

I was probably over my 75kg “target” both weeks.

And, I don’t really care.

I think that is progress.

Today was a nice relaxing Saturday, spent mainly with my camera. Out early for a walk around the city, then spent about three hours strolling around Woodlands with Adrienne including a nice Devonshire Tea at the homestead, then out again later on my own for an hour. My two favourite shots of the day are totally different, I think I like the red shoes best, dunno why.

Feels nothing 2012-06-30 (_MG_0332_3_4)
Juxtaposition – Hosier Lane

Laughing Kookaburra 2012-06-30 (_MG_0415)
What are you looking at?

My favourite bird photo yet?

June 27, 2012

Superb Fairy-wren 2012-06-27 (_MG_0254)

Sunset on the way home on my birthday …

June 21, 2012

Sunset on Somerton Road 2012-06-19 (_MG_9633-41)

Birthday tremors …

June 19, 2012

Today is my birthday. I’m of an age though that I’d rather not think about that too much. The day started off with a very early drive down to Geelong to drive my Dad into a hospital visit for some surgery. Not the best way to start your birthday I guess, but he seems okay, the surgery seems to have gone well – now we just wait for some test results.

Then to mark the approaching end of the birthday, the powers-that-be organised a 5.2 richter scale earthquake for Melbourne. Certainly the longest and strongest I’ve ever felt, but no apparent damage.

I did take a few photos today, some that I think will be really good, but yet to download/process/upload them, so here are a couple more from recent days.

Neon food van 2012-06-17 (_MG_9557_8_9)
Neon food van from the Melbourne Airport waiting/viewing area

Princes Pier 2012-06-17 (_MG_9497_8_9)
Princes Pier, Port Melbourne

Reach for the sky …

June 18, 2012

Reach for the sky 2012-06-17 (_MG_9503)

A busy weekend …

June 17, 2012

Wow, another weekend has flown past, but it has been a nice one.

Friday night we went into the city to go shopping for my birthday and Kate’s birthday, both of which are next week. Both of us were lucky enough to get a nice photography-related present, in Kate’s case a new tripod, and in my case a new lens (a wide-angle Sigma 10-20mm). We had dinner at the RACV Club and later Kate and I headed into Docklands to try out our new toys.

On Saturday morning I had a “Flickr meet”, meeting another local photographer, Nino, for a few hours walking around showing each other some of our favourite places to shoot. Saturday evening we were out to dinner again with friends Kerry and Herb, enjoying a nice meal at one of the little outdoor restaurants in Degraves St in the city.

Today we celebrated our birthdays with family, having lunch at the Sherwood Hunt Club which is very close to our place. Then this evening Kate and I headed out again for some photography to Port Melbourne and St Kilda.

I have to say it has been wonderful to have been out three times on the weekend, enjoying my new hobby, but doing it with others, rather than on my own.

Weight is still under the 75kg target, but only just at 74.8kg – creeping closer.

Here are some photos from this weekends outings, again showcasing what a beautiful city we are fortunate to live in.

Seafarers Bridge Docklands 2012-06-15 (_MG_9336_7_8)
Seafarer’s Bridge, Docklands

Croft Alley 2012-06-16 (_MG_9400)
Croft Alley, off Little Bourke St

Princes Pier 2012-06-17 (_MG_9488_89_90)
Princes Pier, old pier supports

Traffic …

June 13, 2012

I hate sitting in traffic with a passion. Standing above it taking photos, now that’s okay!

Western Ring Road traffic 2012-06-13 (_MG_9186)
Western Ring Road, this morning

Western Ring Road traffic 2012-06-13 (_MG_9219)
Western Ring Road, tonight

Long weekend …

June 10, 2012

It is a long weekend in Melbourne this weekend with a public holiday on Monday to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday. Being English I am a supporter of the monarchy, but not a fanatical one, happy to take a day off work to celebrate her birthday, that’s for sure.

Adrienne and I travelled down to Geelong yesterday to visit our parent’s. My dad is unwell again, and facing some surgery soon we think, and it wasn’t good to see him in pain and not looking too good. It makes you feel so helpless, really nothing you can do except be there and offer help and support. I really don’t want to grow old. Speaking of which, out in the car today I was listening to Pink Floyd (as I often do) and the following line of lyrics was heard, “Work like fuck until you’re sixty-five, then your time’s your own until you die”, depressing words, but quite honestly that’s what it is starting to feel like.

I have risen early both days so far his weekend and ventured out with my camera. Yesterday the weather was not good so I headed into Melbourne University to shoot an area I’ve had on my list for a while which is basically under cover, so protected from the weather. Melbourne University has some beautiful old buildings, and the walkways around the quadrangle of the Old Arts Building are amongst the best of them. I knew I wanted to be there early, to avoid human traffic, and also to ensure the lighting was still on, as I knew that would add to the photograph hugely. Here’s one of the shots I took, there are more on Flickr including a couple of panorama’s I’m pleased with.

Melbourne University Old Arts 2012-06-09 (_MG_8788-91)
Old Arts Building, Melbourne University

This morning I was up early again and headed into the city. Despite the forecast showers, and somewhat threatening skies, the rain held off long enough for me to enjoy a couple of hours walking around the city, and breakfast (and a wonderful coffee) at Brunetti’s.

Adrienne and I went out for lunch and did a little shopping, and later in the day Kate and I headed out with our camera’s to The Nook in Sunbury. Obviously, one of the perils of going out with another photographer is that you will inevitably end up on the other side of the camera. Here’s me, in a pretty typical pose these days, captured by my beautiful daughter. I think I need to Photoshop out all that grey hair though!


Topaz Suite

June 5, 2012

I mentioned a couple of weekends ago that I had purchased a copy of Topaz Suite at the Digital Show. It is a set of Photoshop filters and I am enjoying playing with them.

The most impressive one so far is DeNoise, which removes digital noise from photographs. I have used it to improve the photographs I took in Chicago and Thailand recently with the little compact point-and-shoot camera. A marked improvement in them, particularly those taken in low-light such as the night shots from Willis Tower. I’m very impressed with DeNoise.

Tonight I had a little bit of a play with some of the “artistic” filters, namely Adjust and BW Effect. Tell me if you like the results.

Derelict farmhouse (Pencil Sketch) 2012-06-05 (_MG_8730)
Derelict farmhouse, Adjust filter (Pencil Sketch preset)

Derelict farmhouse (Extreme Color Blast) 2012-06-05 (_MG_8730)
Derelict farmhouse, Adjust filter (Extreme Color Blast preset)

Somerton Road tree (Yellowing Lilac) 2012-06-05 (_MG_8744)
Somerton Road tree, BW Effects filter (Yellowing Lilac preset)