Melbourne street art – My 2015 Top 25

January 28, 2016

Here’s my selection of my Top 25 street art pieces I’ve photographed in 2015.  

A really tough choice, there has been so much good art created this year.

A few artists have really been prolific this year too, so I have limited this collection to one per artist.

In no particular order.

Mike Eleven Richmond 2015-12-06 (_MG_4775-7)
Mike Eleven, Richmond

Adnate Collingwood 2015-12-04 (_MG_4574-6)
Adnate, Collingwood

Wrdsmith ACDC Lane 2015-11-22 (_MG_4302)
Wrdsmth, ACDC Lane

Baby Guerrilla Footscray 2015-09-06 (_MG_2682-4)
Baby Guerrilla, Footscray

Vincent Moloney Hawthorn 2015-08-09 (_MG_2108-10)
Vincent Moloney, Hawthorn

Cam Scale Fitzroy 2015-07-18 (_MG_1724)
Cam Scale, Fitzroy

Sirum Northcote 2015-06-27 (_MG_1198-200)
Sirum, Northcote

Isolde Fitzroy 2015-05-31 (_MG_1024)
Isolde, Fitzroy

Heesco ACDC Lane 2015-05-16 (_MG_0709)
Heesco, ACDC Lane

Maha Blender+ 2015-05-16 (_MG_0673)
Maha, CBD

Cel Out CBD 2015-04-18 (_MG_0303)
Cel Out, CBD

Mr Never Satisfied Carlton 2015-04-11 (_MG_0196&199&202&205&208&211&214&217&220&223)
Mr Never Satisfied, Carlton

Lucy Lucy Richmond 2015-04-11 (_MG_0178-80)
Lucy Lucy, Richmond

Guido Van Helten Askew Collingwood 2015-04-11 (_MG_0145-7)
Guido Van Helten and Askew, Collingwood

Fintan Magee Collingwood 2015-04-11 (_MG_0136-8)
Fintan Magee, Collingwood

Brunswick 2015-03-07 (IMG_7131-3)
Otis Chamberlain, Brunswick

Rone Mayo Brunswick 2015-08-09 (_MG_2105-7)
Rone, Brunswick

DNart Fitzroy 2015-03-05 (_MG_0048)
DNart, Fitzroy

Man of Darkness Blender 2015-04-03 (_MG_9882)
Man of Darkness, CBD

Makatron Brunswick 2015-04-03 (_MG_9798-800)
Makatron, Brunswick

Gus Hosier Lane 2015-03-09 (IMG_7236-8)
Gus, Hosier Lane

Barek Zhe155 Hosier Lane 2015-02-21 (IMG_6379)
Barek and Zhe155, Hosier Lane

Akemi Ito Duckboard Place 2015-01-01 (IMG_5092)
Akemi Ito, Duckboard Place

Be Free Kensington 2015-12-27 (_MG_5103-5)
Be Free, Kensington

Kaffeine Geloy Collingwood 2015-11-14 (_MG_4190-1)
Kaffeine and Geloy, Collingwood

Melbourne street art – My 2014 Top 30

January 1, 2015

Having loaded 1000+ Melbourne street art images to Flickr in 2014, it’s clear I’m a little obsessed with the wonderful street art around our city. Melbourne is renowned world-wide as a city with great street art. So, here are my Top 30 street art pieces I’ve found in 2014 (some may have been painted earlier).

In no particular order.

Lucy Lucy Piggy-back 2013-03-31 (IMG_1744)Lucy Lucy – Glenroy

Mimby Fitzroy 2014-04-18 (IMG_2378)

Mimby Jones Robinson – Fitzroy

Adnate Sofles Smug 2014-08-16 (IMG_6614-6)

Adnate, Sofles, Smug – Preston

Dvate Shark Fitzroy 2014-06-15 (IMG_4805-7)
Dvate – Fitzroy

Makatron Collingwood 2014-11-15 (IMG_3814-6)
Makatron – Collingwood

Spil'ota Sirum Northcote 2014-06-21 (IMG_4955-7)
Sirum – Northcote

Itch Tawnies 2014-11-22 (IMG_3907-9)
Itch – Port Melbourne

Man of Darkness Duckboard Place 2014-01-18 (IMG_8611)
Man of Darkness – Duckboard Place

Baby Guerrilla Vic Uni 2014-03-08 (IMG_0330-6)
Baby Guerrilla – Footscray

Demon Down-Under Windsor 2014-03-08 (IMG_0227-9)
Heesco – Windsor

Gina the Hutt Heesco 2014-03-15 (IMG_0777&0783&0786&0792)
Heesco – Blender Studios laneway

Chopper Dvate 2014-11-15 (IMG_3844)
Dvate – Collingwood

Be Free Brunswick 2014-05-17 (IMG_3320)
Be Free – Brunswick

I & The Others Collingwood 2014-05-03 (IMG_3028)
I & The Others – Collingwood

RAD Section 8 2014-07-26 (IMG_6255)

Adnate Fitzroy 2014-08-30 (IMG_7197-203)
Adnate – Fitzroy

Barek Northcote 2014-11-29 (IMG_4130)
Barek – Northcote

Rone 2014-04-06 (IMG_1858-64)
Rone – CBD

ELK CBD 2014-01-03 (IMG_8035-7)

Kaffeine Fitzroy LISHYD 2014-01-31 (IMG_8844-6)
Kaffeine – Fitzroy

Emily Vanderlism CBD 2014-04-18 (IMG_2423-5)
Emily Vanderlism – CBD

Kaffeine Heartcore Fitzroy 2014-01-17 (IMG_8522-4)
Kaffeine – Fitzroy

Gus Hosier Lane 2014-04-18 (IMG_2411-3)
Gus – Hosier Lane

Adnate Fitzroy 2014-07-19 (IMG_6063)
Adnate – Fitzroy

Be Free Northcote 2014-04-25 (IMG_2682-4)
Be Free – Northcote

Dvate Richmond 2014-04-19 (IMG_2471-3)
Dvate – Richmond

Be Free Northcote 2014-03-16 (IMG_0878)
Be Free – Northcote

Hosier Lane 2014-02-16 (IMG_9562)
Unknown artist – Hosier Lane

Astrowitch Collingwood 2014-02-22 (IMG_9692)
Astrowitch – Collingwood

Akemi Ito Preston 2014-09-13 (IMG_7616-8)
Akemi Ito – Preston

Australian Dingo Foundation

August 31, 2014

I haven’t posted here for a while, rather just using Facebook and Flickr for on-line social chatter. However I had an experience today that justifies a post on this blog.

With the wonderful crew from Craigieburn Camera Club, Adrienne and I visited the Dingo Discovery Centre at Toolern Vale, home of the Australian Dingo Foundation. Founders Peter and Lyn Watson are passionate about preserving the gene pool of Australia’s native dog, the Dingo.

The Dingo is much maligned and misunderstood, and has been baited, trapped and hunted close to extinction in the wild.

It was a wonderfully educational, rewarding and fun day. Learning about how wonderful the Dingo is, how much more intelligent it is than the average domestic dog, and learning about how it has adapted to survive in the wild was fascinating, but actually meeting the dogs, including the oh-so gorgeous puppies was enthralling. They are such amazing creatures, so beautiful looking, so affectionate and playful. I am a “dog person”, I love all dogs, but these native dogs are extra special creatures – you can tell this quickly when you meet them.

Did you know;

  • The dingo is a true Australian native animal with recent geological and DNA evidence suggesting the species has been on the Australian continent for over 20,000 years.
  • The dingo is classified as a “pest” or “vermin” by some state governments.
  • Some state governments authorise baiting of these beautiful animals with the terribly cruel poison 1080 which is banned in many other countries.
  • A team from Yale University recently proved that the Dingo is significantly more intelligent than other dog breeds.
  • Dingoes have recently been recognised as a separate species. Previously it was thought that they had evolved from wolves.
  • They are incredibly flexible and are double jointed. They can rotate their head backwards.They have extraordinary 180 degree peripheral vision.
  • They have no scent.

We were allowed to interact with the puppies, and for some of us with the adult Dingoes too, for a couple of hours – what a treat.

Please “Like” the Australian Dingo Foundation Facebook page, and go and visit their website where you can find out a lot more about their story and how hard that Peter and Lyn are fighting to preserve these magnificent creatures.

Access to the Dingo Discovery Centre is by appointment only, and is restricted to a small part of the year (when puppies are present). Today was the last day for this year. Why not think about putting an entry in your 2015 diary to visit and find out more about our wonderful Dingo.

Adrienne and I chose to sponsor a Dingo today to try and do a little to help Lyn and Peter in their fight. Can you help too?

Dingo puppy 2014-08-31 (IMG_7272)

Bingo the Dingo 2014-08-31 (IMG_7326)

Dingo puppy 2014-08-31 (IMG_7293)

Bingo and pup 2014-08-31 (IMG_7298)

My Favourite 20 Bird Photos 2013

January 10, 2014

Another of my loves, with my camera, is capturing images of our beautiful birds. I am lucky enough to live very close to Woodlands Historic Park which is home to many and varied species of birds.

I’ve selected my favourite 20 bird images taken in 2013, I hope you enjoy them.

My rules for selection were;
– no more than one photo for any one species
– no captive birds, only wild birds

You can click on any image to view it larger in Flickr.

In no particular order.

Striated Pardalote 2013-12-15 (_MG_3006)
Striated Pardalote, Woodlands Historic Park

White-winged Chough 2013-01-20 (_MG_9949)
White-winged Chough, Woodlands Historic Park

New Holland Honeyeater 2013-10-18 (_MG_2404)
New Holland Honeyeater, our back garden

Eastern Yellow Robin 2013-02-10 (_MG_0248)
Eastern Yellow Robin, Lemonade Creek Cottages, Lorne

Red-capped Robin 2013-10-29 (_MG_2585)
Red-capped Robin, Woodlands Historic Park

Superb Fairy-wren 2013-01-03 (_MG_9521)
Superb Fairy-wren, Woodlands Historic Park

Tawny Frogmouth 2013-10-17 (_MG_2325)
Tawny Frogmouth, Woodlands Historic Park

Sparrow 2013-12-31 (IMG_7970)
Sparrow, Melbourne Zoo

Peregrine Falcon 2013-11-22 (_MG_2902)
Peregrine Falcon, on our next door neighbour’s TV aerial

Rufous Whistler 2013-11-11 (_MG_2813)
Rufous Whistler, Woodlands Historic Park

Australian Magpie 2013-11-06 (IMG_5130)
Australian Magpie. Woodlands Historic Park

Magpie Lark 2013-09-14 (IMG_2377)
Magpie Lark, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat

Purple Swamphen 2013-09-15 (_MG_1930)
Purple Swamphen, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat

Brown Falcon 2013-09-25 (_MG_2048)
Brown Falcon, Providence Road, Greenvale

White-Necked Heron 2013-08-21 (_MG_1644)
White-necked Heron, Mickleham Road, Greenvale

Spotted Pardalote 2013-06-29 (_MG_1364)
Spotted Pardalote, Woodlands Historic Park

Black-shouldered Kite 2013-06-18 (_MG_1148)
Black-shouldered Kite, Woodlands Historic Park

Perched Pelicans 2013-05-18 (_MG_0964)
Pelicans, Western Treatment Plant

Eastern Spinebill 2013-02-12 (_MG_0316)
Eastern Spinebill, Lemonade Creek Cottages, Lorne

Kookaburra 2013-09-27 (_MG_2118)
Kookaburra, Woodlands Historic Park

Melbourne street art – My 2013 Top 30

January 4, 2014

As many of you would know, I’m a little obsessed with the wonderful street art around our city. Melbourne is renowned world-wide as a ciy with great street art.

So, here are my Top 30 street art pieces I’ve found in 2013 (some may have been painted earlier).

In no particular order.

Brain Foetus 2013-12-21 (IMG_7399)
Brain Foetus – Brunswick

Smug Fitzroy 2013-12-18 (IMG_7258-60)
Smug – Fitzroy

Dvate Sirum Glen Waverley 2013-12-14 (IMG_6949-6972)
Dvate and Sirum – Glen Waverley

Taylurk Shida Eno Two One Brunswick 2013-12-04 (IMG_6642-8)
Taylor White, Shida, Eno and Two One – Brunswick

Shadow sprayer  2013-12-01 (IMG_6245)
Dize – Yarraville

Aida Sabic Hosier Lane 2013-11-30 (IMG_6278-80)
Aida Sabic – Hosier Lane

Mimby Collingwood 2013-11-24 (IMG_5879)
Mimby Jones Robinson – Collingwood

Isolde Fitzroy 2013-11-15 (IMG_5493)
Isolde – Fitzroy

Deb 2013-11-17 (IMG_5793&5799&5805&5808&5814)
Deb – Melbourne CBD

Taylor White Hancock Ape Seven Brunswick 2013-10-27 (IMG_4731-3)
Taylor White, Ape Seven and Hancock – Brunswick

Lister Fitzroy 2013-10-27 (IMG_4561)
Lister – Fitzroy

Be Free Northcote 2013-10-12 (IMG_3545-7)
Be Free – Northcote

Two One Docklands 2013-10-12 (IMG_3671)
Two One – Docklands

Shida Croft Alley 2013-10-06 (IMG_3418-20)
Shida – Croft Alley

Two One Sofles Bonsai 2013-09-08 (IMG_2073-5)
Two One, Sofles, Bonsai – Roxburgh Park

Makatron and Blo Zebras Footscray 2013-08-25 (IMG_1643-5)
Makatron and Blo – Footscray

Lucy Lucy traffic signal box Reservoir 2013-08-11 (IMG_0952-57)
Lucy Lucy – Reservoir

Meggs and Steen Jones Northcote 2013-07-28 (IMG_0296-8)
Meggs and Steen Jones – Northcote

Kaffeine traffic signal box 2013-07-14 (IMG_8074&8077)
Kaffeine – Richmond

Stones by Sputnik, Brunswick 2013-07-13 (IMG_8014)
Sputnik – Brunswick

Linz 3rd Chapter 2013-07-06 (IMG_7607)
Linz – Collingwood

Unstoppable Collingwood 2013-07-06 (IMG_7754-6)
Rone and Wonderlust – Collingwood

Skipping Girl Drewery Place 2013-04-28 (IMG_5478-82)
Man of Darkness – Drewery Place

Fintan Magee West Melbourne 2013-04-13 (IMG_4157-63)
Fintan Magee – West Melbourne

Aerosol Alley Heesco Lion 2013-03-31 (IMG_3660_1_2)
Heesco – Windsor

Aerosol Alley Windsor "Pigs" 2013-03-16 (IMG_2262,2265,2268)
Heesco – Windsor

The Giant Storybook Project 2013-02-16 (IMG_1487)
Kaffeine – North Fitzroy

Union Lane "No Reason To Be Scared" 2013-02-08 (IMG_0976)
Herakut – Union Lane

Grace Cafe Fitzroy 2013-02-02 (IMG_0760_1_2)
Adnate – Fitzroy

Fitzroy street art "The Ambush" 2013-02-02 (IMG_0715-21)
Taylor White – Fitzroy

2014 – A new start!

December 31, 2013

Well, over a year since I posted here so I’ll be very surprised if anyone is still following, pleasantly surprised though, so if you are there please leave me a comment.

It has been a very tough time since I stopped blogging here. We lost my Dad after a short battle with cancer in October of 2012, and I still miss him every day. Mum is in aged care now, and confirming what we all knew anyway, we got an official Alzheimer’s diagnosis for her earlier this year. We also lost Adrienne’s mum early this year. Due to economic conditions, work has been a pretty tough deal too, but you’ve got to keep going.

Long time followers of this blog will know that starting in about 2004 I embarked on a health and fitness journey, losing 40kg, and maintaining a very lean 75kg for over 6 years. I was a runner (including a full marathon) and bike rider.

Well, the reason I’m posting here again is, I’m afraid, because I have lapsed. I’m ashamed to say my exercise routine is now limited to a daily (pretty much) walk, nothing that gets the heart rate up though. I’m making some bad eating choices, and probably drinking too much.

I have put back on about 14kg of the 40kg I lost, and am struggling to find a t-shirt in my wardrobe that fits me.

So, 2014 will be a change for the better. This blog will become the accountability tool it always was. I’m not going to be manic about it like I was before, but I am going to get myself back down to 80kg (and stay there) by making some better choices and exercising (properly) a few times a week. Expect at least a weekly post here with a progress update.

Wish me luck!

Edit: Official weigh-in for the start of the New Year is 87.1 kg, so the target is a 7.1 kg loss. Here goes.

Gorgeous eyes …

August 3, 2012

These gorgeous eyes were the highlight of my day …

Black-shouldered Kite 2012-08-03 (_MG_1909)

Interestingness ?

July 30, 2012

I don’t know if “interestingness” is a proper word, but Flickr certainly thinks it is. Every day they put the top 500 photos posted each day into a special area called Explore, based on their secret “interestingness algorithm”. Five hundred each day might seem like a lot, but when you think that there were over 48,000 photos uploaded yesterday that were taken with exactly the same camera as I have (a Canon EOS 60D), then I’m guessing the total number of photos uploaded each day is a really, really big number.

So, I think it is a good thing if one of your photos is considered interesting enough to appear on the Explore page. I’m lucky enough to have had 17 of my photos in Explore.

These are them. Do you find them interesting? Which ones are highest on your “interestingness” scale?

Barbed wire on Rutledge Lane, July 27th, #443

Red-capped Robin, July 22nd, #423

RMIT Building, July 20th, #157

New Holland Honeyeater, July 20th, #316

Red-capped Robin, July 18, #299

Young Welcome Swallow 2012-07-14 (_MG_0944)
Young Welcome Swallow, July 15th, #345

Young kangaroo 2012-07-11 (_MG_0848)
Young kangaroo, July 10th, #394

Laughing Kookaburra, June 29th, #228

Emu Bottom bellows and forge, June 26, #409

Hosier Lane – The Joker,  June 22, #140

Princes Pier at sunset 2012-06-17 (_MG_9527_8_9)
Princes Pier at sunset, June 19th, #319

Sunset from Princes Pier, June 18th, #473

Princes Pier, June 16th, #277

Melbourne University Underground car park, June 16th, #397

Derelict gate on foggy morning, June 12th, #168

Derelict farmhouse on foggy morning, June 11th, #205

Shrine of Remembrance, June 9th 2012, #434

Perspective …

July 22, 2012

It’s been pretty quiet on here hasn’t it. There’s been other things on my mind. Dad has cancer and is recovering from his first cycle of chemotherapy, and mum, who dad has cared for, for many years, is demanding to be left on her own at home, despite the fact that we are very unsure as to whether this is the right thing. So, we’ve been up and down the Geelong road many days and generally worrying about how things will turn out and feeling helpless.

Meantime, work is piling up and getting out of control, I’m eating badly, exercising little and putting on weight. Still as the picture below illustrates, we all need perspective, and at the moment, work and my weight seem quite unimportant, compared to family.

If you want to know the story of the photo below, please click through to Flickr.

RMIT Building 2012-07-21 (_MG_1214)

A new favourite …

July 9, 2012

Another day spent down in Geelong doing a few things for mum. The only highlight was a short detour on the way down to drive down the Point Wilson Road, the photo below resulting. My new favourite from my bird photos I think.

Brown Falcon 2012-07-09 (_MG_0792)
Brown Falcon